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Monday, October 20, 2014

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Village Administrator Report to Council for Nov. 2013
Posting Date: 12/06/2013

The following report outlines the activities and issues addressed by the Administrator of the Village of North Baltimore. Submitted by Kathy J. Healy


1. Prepared the tree planting plan for the south side of the Village this month. We will be planting 104 trees.

2. Distributed new Health Insurance packets to employees since we took advantage of early enrollment. Also looking at some voluntary workplace programs to add to the benefit package, if feasible.

3. Continuing to prepare records retention schedules for each department.

4. Prepared list of grants that we are eligible to apply for in 2014 and the amounts for budget purposes.

5. Responded to citizens’ concerns regarding property maintenance and zoning issues.

6. Preparing a list of assessments and agreements the Village invoices for services.

7. Working on lists of memberships and contracts the Village is engaged in and dates of expiration for further study.

8. Completed 30 hour OSHA Safety Course for general industry standards.


1. Reviewing expenditures with Finance Officer and Chairman for 2014 Village budget.

  1. Working on list of records that can be destroyed and compiling list for Bureau of Archives.

3. Preparing the last of the adjustments to the budget and expenditures for the clean-up ordinance for the year end..


Preparing roster of new public officials for the new codifications of past legislation.


1. Village crews are trying to repair several heaters that are not working in order to avoid purchasing new units.

2. Andy is continuing to work diligently to provide estimates for residents who want to participate in the Village financed lateral program.

3. Contractor is continuing to work on maintenance issues and preparing for lateral work on the Phase 2 sewer separation project.

4. Reviewing potential projects for Issue I funding for 2015.


1. Reviewing the indigent burial policy and costs associated with that procedure.

2. Contacted a structural engineer to review quotes on Village Hall roof and also Street pole barn roof repair/replacement.

3. Tree removals are complete with the exception of stump grinding.

4. 2013 Street and Alley Paving project is complete.

5. Preparing advertisement for farming lease of land adjacent to the New Maplewood Cemetery.


1. Met with Choice One Engineering to review the Safe Routes to Schools Travel Plan information.

2. Waiting on delivery of new fire truck.

3. Replaced sidewalk belonging to CSX on Broadway St. Will assess the cost to their property taxes per their request.

4. Preparing agenda items for public forum for Safe Routes to Schools grant application.


  • Posted Date: 12/06/2013
    Can the village get the leaf vac. fixed so residents do not have to bag anymore? Was easy raking to the curb and the leaf vac. doing the hard work. Any other village resident like bagging their leaves?
    By: JT
  • Posted Date: 12/06/2013
    I do not mind bagging the leaves. #1 thing to bagging them is they pick them up quick and they don't leave the yard dead as when we used to have to rake to the curb.
    By: CS
  • Posted Date: 12/06/2013
    Bagging the leaves makes the leaf pick up faster they can usually get the whole town picked up in one day and they continue to pick up usually daily. I like the bagging of leaves since they can pick them up faster so it doesn't kill the grass. I think it makes the village employees able to complete more tasks with bagging the leaves I remember when raking to the curb most of the time they wasn't able to use the vac when it snowed with the bags they can be picked up after it snows! so I hope the village continues the bagging of leaves other communities are starting to do the same thing glad the village isn't like Findlay where they don't do leaf or brush pick up any more
    By: BC
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