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Village Council Minutes - Nov. 19
Posting Date: 12/08/2013


I. Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Julien called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by scouts Mason Byrd and Cade Carter from Troop 315.

II. Roll Call:

Mayor Mike Julien-Here, Leslee Thompson-Here, Aaron Patterson-Here,

Janet Goldner-Here, Bill Cameron-Here, Jeff Bretz-Here, Greg Waaland—

Absent, Clerk Richard Van Mooy-Here.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to excuse Mr. Waaland. Second by Mr. Bretz.

All approved.

III. Approval of the Minutes:

Motion by Ms Goldner to approve the minutes of the 11-05-13 meeting. Second by Mr. Patterson. All approved.

Motion by Ms Thompson to approve the minutes of the 11-12-13 special meeting. Second by Mr. Bretz. All approved.

IV. Public Participation:

John Filkins, representing local business owner Chris Bates addressed council concerning several properties that are located near and adjoining properties owned by Mr. Bates. Mr. Filkins said that his client wanted to have an opportunity to buy the land when it was auctioned by the county for back taxes. Mr. Filkins suggested that if the council applied pressure on the county that the tax auction could be held sooner rather than later. Mr. Bates explained that much of the property in question was used for industrial purposes and a lot of environmental issues remain but that he was interested in purchasing the properties, remediating them and then offering them for sale.

Mr. Bates reported that the old Johnson Rubber building is not secured and it is a dangerous hazard. Chief Baer concurred saying that the doors are not lockable and that there are several points of entrance for trespassers.

Motion by Mr. Patterson to direct Mr. Marcin to do whatever is needed to get the buildings on the properties secure and to expedite their sale through the auction process. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved except Mr. Bretz who voted no.

V. Letters and Communications:

Mr. Julien read two letters of routine correspondence. The first announced Cong Latta’s annual open office in the council chambers on 11-21-13 and the second a reminder to call 811 before digging. It was suggested that the 811 information be included in the village newsletter.

VI. Administrative Reports:

Village Administrator: Present.

Ms Healy reviewed the roof repair/replacement quotes that she received from JB Roofing and Cotterman. Since JB suggested that the fire hall roof could be repaired and Cotterman said that they would not repair it but only replace it, Mr. Cameron asked Ms Healy to contact a structural engineer to evaluate the roof and to recommend replacement or repair.

Ms Healy reported that since the roof project is located at three distinct locations and buildings that we would not exceed the prevailing wage threshold therefore we would not have to pay prevailing wage. Council informally concurred with Ms Healy’s interpretation. Referred to COTW.

Ms Healy invited all to her annual pre Thanksgiving lasagna extravaganza on 11-27-13 at 11:30 in chambers.

Clerk: Present. No report.

Solicitor: Absent. Excused by the mayor.

Mayor: Present.

Mr. Julien addressed the lack of Time Warner service to the village during the recent storm. Not only were village residents inconvenienced by the lack of phone, TV and internet access, all of the village’s emergency systems were out of service for 24 hours. Mr. Julien also commented on Time Warner’s lack of responsiveness and cavalier attitude toward the lack of emergency service. At its 10-01-13 meeting, council authorized the mayor to switch service to another carrier as needed and Mr. Julien said that he is going to meet with Frontier representatives on 11-20-13 to finalize the transfer of service. Mr. Bretz made a motion to authorize the mayor to spend up to $2000 on an as needed basis for immediate communications needs. Second by Mr. Patterson. All approved.

Mr. Cameron asked that Ms Healy or Mr. Julien provide the clerk with a copy of the Time Warner franchise agreement to be included in the next packet.

Mr. Bretz complemented Mr. Julien for getting the sewer contractor off the dime in an effort to complete street work before cold weather shuts down the asphalt plants.

Mr. Julien said that he would inspect the Beecher St. issues that were brought up at the last COTW meeting.

VII. Standing Committees:

Economic and Community Development (Mr. Bretz)

No report.

Public Safety (Ms Goldner)

Action on appointing a police officer was deferred until after the planned executive session.

Discussion was held on the difficulties that the safety forces—particularly the fire department are having since the narrow banding radio changes were made. Ms Healy will ask the three chiefs or their designees to meet with her to compile a

list of radio related problems. These will then be presented to the sheriff’s office in an effort to improve our communications.

Mr. Cameron asked that we take another look at the need for a warning siren on the west end of town. Ms Healy said that she filed an EMA grant but it was turned down. Mr. Cameron said that it is imperative that this project be funded. Ms Healy will contact EMA for guidance and prices.

Mr. Patterson questioned the agreement that the Tree Commission entered into for the removal of trees from the village. He said that it was not done by anyone in authority and that he felt that someone was profiting from the sale of taxpayer owned firewood. Mr. Patterson said that the wood should be offered to the residents who are going to have a tree removed. Ms Healy said that she contacted the owners of all 16 trees that are going to be cut down and that five said they wanted the wood left. Mr. Julien said that the Tree Commission can make such decisions without council approval. Mr. Patterson said that the mayor was wrong.

Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Cameron)

No Report.

Mr. Cameron will have an employee handgun policy for review at the COTW.

Public Works (Ms Thompson)

Action of the roof bids was deferred.

Ms Thompson asked the media to remind residents not to rake leaves into the streets.

Mr. Cameron asked that Mr. Marcin review our indigent burial ordinance

and ORC. He asked specifically if a nursing home resident who had never

lived in the community could be considered a resident for indigent burial.

He also asked what becomes of the SSI burial benefit in the case of an

indigent burial.

Public Utilities (Mr. Waaland)

Action on the SSP change orders was deferred. Referred to COTW.

Finance and Technology (Mr. Patterson)

Mr. Patterson asked about the difference in costs for uniforms provided by Uniserve and Cintas. Referred to COTW.

Mr. Bretz suggested that we keep a master list of all agreements with their effective dates. Ms Healy said that she and Mr. Kirk are working on such a project.

Mr. Patterson completed his research in the codified ordinances and found that council has power to review the tree commission’s decisions.

VIII. New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business

Mr. Bretz made a motion that Ordinance 13-43 be read by number and title only for the first reading dispense with the second and third readings, suspend the rules and declare an emergency. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.

Ordinance 13-43 read by number and title by the mayor.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to adopt Ordinance 13-43. Second by Mr. Patterson. All approved.


IX. Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

Ms Thompson made a motion that Ordinance 13-41 be read by number and

title only for the second reading. Second by

Ordinance 13-41 read by number and title by the mayor.


X. Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions


XI. Other New Business


XII. Other Old Business


XIII. Payment of the Bills

Mr. Patterson made a motion to put the bills totaling $ 356,254.26 on the Claims Ordinance. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.

Before the vote Mr. Cameron asked how we are paying for the new pumper. Ms Thompson explained the loan that was issued to cover the cost and the levy repayment schedule.

Ms Thompson made a motion to pay the bills totaling $ 356,254.26. Second by Mr. Cameron. All approved.

XIV. Executive Session

Mr. Patterson made a motion to enter into executive session at 8:55 PM for 121.22 G1 to consider the appointment, employment, dismissal, promotion, demotion or compensation of a public employee. Second by Ms Goldner. All approved

XV. Return to Regular Session

Mr. Bretz made a motion to return to regular session at 9:37 PM. Second by Ms Thompson. All approved.

Ms Goldner made a motion that Michael Meyers be hired as a full-time police officer effective 12-13-13 pending passing the police physical exam and meeting all other conditions and requirements of the job at $13.00 per hour. Second by Mr. Bretz. All voted yes except Ms Thompson who voted no.

XVI. Adjournment

Ms Thompson made a motion to adjourn at 9:41 PM. Second by

Ms Goldner. All approved.


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