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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Robin Williams-He made us laugh....he made us cry.....

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Sixth Grade Spelling Bee held at Powell
Posting Date: 05/27/2014

The four top spellers in each classroom of the 6th grade, competed to be named “Top Speller”. Each classroom had their own Bee using the spelling words from throughout the year. The top four students from each room then competed. Those words came from the National Scripps spelling bee list which they put out for school spelling


Mrs. Cochran, of the after-school STARS program served as the moderator. Mr. Lockwood, Powell Principal was the judge. Also pictured: Mrs. Detamore, and Meg Empcke, Champion

Those who participated included:


Hunter Vogelsong

Cade Carter

Abby Empcke

Mason Byrd - 3rd place


Wyatt Mowery

Meg Empcke - 1st place

Emma Wilcox

Leah Lee - 2nd place


Brendan Hutchins

Levi Gazarek

Gabe Greco

Kirsten Mason


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